Why it's Important to Professionally Clean the Shower Tile & Grout

Why It's Important to Professionally Clean The Shower Tile and Grout

The Throne Room. The Porcelain Palace. The Oval Office.

Over the years, the bathroom has been given many unique names to help distinguish it as a place of privacy, comfort, and solitude. Because of its universal safe haven status, it deserves to be treated with the utmost respect and attention. Making sure that it’s as clean and as safe as possible is the first step toward using it as it’s intended: for relaxation, unwinding, washing, and resetting.

As an integral part of your bathroom, the shower should not be left out of this step. Failing to include your shower’s tile and grout in your regular cleaning regimen can have some consequences that go beyond an unsightly appearance.

Where the Grout Grime Grows

Warm, moist areas in a home such as a shower are perfect environments in which mold, mildew, and other kinds of bacteria can grow and thrive. Over time, these things (in addition to dirt and oil-based stains) can build up on the surface of your shower’s tile and eventually make their way into the porous grout between them.

In addition to looking downright dirty, this can result in a surface that is incredibly unhygienic for all of those that come in contact with it, including you, your children, and your guests. Luckily, there’s a way to combat it that doesn’t break your back, break your bank, or waste your entire weekend.

Don’t Want No Scrub(bing)!

Tile and grout scrubbing is a long, tough process that doesn’t always yield the results you had hoped for, so put the toothbrush down! Carpet Tech uses a self-contained Turbo Tile & Grout Cleaner to power wash away foreign materials that may be present, returning your tile and grout to its original shine, color, and condition. This process is made complete with a lasting new grout sealing, which will help protect it from any future discoloration or mold development.

In the event of a more serious mold problem, we can also provide remediation services that are designed to identify the source of the problem, contain it, and solve it for good.

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If you have experience with tile cleaning or cleaning shower grout, we probably don’t have to remind you how unsightly a dirty shower is or how hard it can be to clean it. Carpet Tech provides tile & grout cleaning services that are quick, affordable, and effective for even the problems that you can’t see.

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