The Secret Life of Pet Urine, Hair, and Dirt

Sectre Life of Pet Urine, Hair, and Dirt

If there’s one thing we humans adore, it’s our furry companions. That’s right, the unconditional love and loyalty from a dog or the too cool ‘tude and overall aloofness from a cat is simply the best. As we know, pet ownership comes with great responsibility, like proper clean-up.

Most homeowners do a good job of cleaning up after pets, or at least that’s what you think. But what about the secret life of pet urine, hair, and dirt? Did you know these linger in your carpets long after you’ve vacuumed?

If not properly dealt with, these odors and allergens can cause basic irritations, chronic allergies, and even lead to more serious respiratory infections.

Here are several instances where day-to-day pet behavior can lead to a bigger problem in your home.


Whether it’s a new puppy or a dog who’s getting on in years, accidents can happen at any age. Even cats miss the litter box from time to time. We’re not 100% sure these are “accidents,” but that’s neither here nor there.

Store bought cleaners may do an OK job on a fresh accident, but they are no match for an older spot. This actually comes down to basic chemistry. Over time, the pH of the urine in the carpet will change and it becomes less reactive to certain chemicals.

Without proper cleaning, the accident spot leaves an invisible stain where urine has penetrated the surface of the carpet and may even live in the padding underneath. This can create strong, embarrassing odors in your home, and become a target for other animals.


Now shedding may not seem as damaging as urine or other accidents, but over time it can create major problems in your home. Pet hair gets deep into the fibers of your carpet, area rugs, and furniture upholstery. It packs deep into the surface, and wraps around the individual fibers. Once it settles in, the natural oils on the hair attract dust mites and other dirt, which can give your carpet and other fabric a dirty, dingy look.

Even better news? This goes well beyond the reach of your vacuum.


Beyond their bodily functions and hair loss, pets also manage to bring a large amount of dirt and allergens into the home from outside. Wiping their paws is certainly helpful, but not 100% effective. They manage to spread dirt and bacteria from room to room, too. Have you ever tried wiping your cat’s paws each time they exit the litter box? Probably not going to happen.

The bottom line here is that at-home cleaning is not as effective as a professional cleaning. Regular professional carpet cleaning is recommended for all homeowners, but it’s extra important for pet owners. Let us know if you have a dog or cat (or other animal) in your house when you get your FREE quote for carpet cleaning services.

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