Reflecting on 25 Years of Carpet Tech...

Reflecting on 25 Years of Carpet Tech

For 25 years, Carpet Tech has been serving Lubbock and its surrounding communities with full-scale cleaning and restoration services. We’re thankful for the friends we’ve made and the amazing community that we’ve built, and are proud of all of the work that we’ve accomplished. As a part of our month-long celebration, we sat down with some of our team members to learn about what 25 years of Carpet Tech mean to them, as well as some more personal anecdotes about their work!

Q1: What does a 25th anniversary mean to you?

“It means community and relationship. 25 years could not have happened without the people in Carpet Tech and all the people that surround it. From families, spouses, the Lubbock community, all the areas that surround it, and each one of our locations and the people that work there, Carpet Tech has been built on relationships.” - Melinda Pharies

“It means that all the effort has been worth it. The dedication and effort from the Carpet Tech team are paying off. I know my brother Chad would be very proud of what his little company has become and that motivates me to push for another 25 years.” - Charles Pharies

“The 25th anniversary to me is a celebration of the foundation of Carpet Tech. We are taking a look back at all of the people, the values, and the work that built Carpet Tech into what it is today… There are no words to describe the appreciation I feel for all of those in the 25 years that have put their ‘ALL’ into making this company a place that provides amazing opportunities for so many people like myself. This anniversary is only the beginning!” - Stephanie Henderson

Q2: What’s your favorite part about Carpet Tech?

“My favorite part is how amazing our employees are and all the relationships we have built within the company and outside the company. We are one big family and any of us would do anything for each other.” - Delani Williams

“The feeling I get when I wake up each morning. Chet and the people he has surrounded himself with from the beginning have been relentless from their work habits to their individual commitments.” - Newlee Hester

“I absolutely love being able to go into a customer’s home and make a difference in their life. Whether it’s a simple cleaning or a rebuild after a major fire, it is so rewarding to help them with whatever they need.” - Charles Pharies

Q3: In your opinion, what makes Carpet Tech different?

“Carpet Tech is different because it is not about the job but rather the people. It’s about customer service and serving the people and their needs and making sure we take care of them and what they may or may not be going through.” - Melinda Pharies

“The people. Hands down. Anyone can learn to clean floors and restore homes but our people choose to provide an experience and serve others beyond what is necessary. This is what makes Carpet Tech great.” - Stephanie Henderson

“PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE. We always say ANYONE can clean carpet but the people we have is what sets us apart from all the rest. The willingness to go the extra mile and do the ‘small’ things out of our own natural tendencies from our servant mindset.” - Blaze Bingham

Q4: Do you have any favorite work stories or memories?

“Last winter my oldest son Chad (named after his uncle obviously) was able to work for Carpet Tech during the school break. That was a pretty special moment for me to see how proud he was to be a part of the Carpet Tech team. He is very proud to share his uncle’s name and was ecstatic to be part of the family business.” - Charles Pharies

“I have several stories and lots of memories! My favorite memories are probably ‘Turn.’ What this company does and is capable of doing in a 2-3 week period is absolutely amazing! And it truly does amaze me more and more every year! Our work ethic and teamwork are some of the most inspiring things you will ever see!” - Delani Williams

Q5: When you’re not busy improving other people’s homes, what can we find you doing?

“Spending time with my family. We have two kids, Nixxon (6) and Maddoxx (3). They pretty much keep us on our toes any time we’re not at work.” -  Blaze Bingham

“I enjoy being around my family, my wife Sara, and our two kids Kenlye and Branson… I like to think I am a great husband and father and I got that from my mom and dad and from being a part of the Carpet Tech family.” - Newlee Hester

“If I am not working then you can find me in one of two places. With my family or at the gym. We have two children, Mikah (7) and Rhyder (6), and they are a blast! We have fun being competitive in our household so you can usually find us either outside playing basketball or baseball or inside playing games.” - Stephanie Henderson

Q6: Finally, what’s the most important thing you’ve learned in your time at Carpet Tech?

“That you are never done or have ever perfected anything. There is always room for improvement no matter where you are in life or on the job.” - Melinda Pharies

“Habits are contagious. Some are good and some are not so good. Chet has always led by example and this has driven me to be the dedicated employee that I am. I will never be able to maintain his pace but I will always be close behind.” - Newlee Hester

“I have two most important things. ;) One is that relationships are everything; if you have a genuine desire to care for and serve others, and will follow through with it in your actions, then everything else falls into place. Secondly, consistency is the key to success in anything you do in life. It is the difference between good and great.” - Stephanie Henderson

“I started here back when I was 17 and have quite literally been here half my life. To say that Carpet Tech has molded and shaped me in every fashion would be an understatement. I’ve always viewed Chet as more a big brother rather than a boss because he’s treated me more that way. He drags the absolute best out of you and it doesn’t matter if you’re cleaning carpet or gathering calves. Perfection is always a MUST. I will be forever grateful for the many life lessons Carpet Tech has instilled in me.” - Blaze Bingham

All of us on the Carpet Tech team are extremely proud of this monumental milestone and are very grateful for all of the lessons and experiences that have come with the past 25 years of serving our communities.

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