Don’t Put Your Pets Out, Get the Stains Out

Pet StainsWe love our pets, but no one loves the “surprises” they leave behind on our carpets and furniture. Pet urine stains are more common than you think in homes. And, to compound the stains and odor, pets will often continue to urinate in the same spot over and over again until the odor that keeps them repeating this poor potty behavior is eliminated.

Bad Bathroom Habits

Aside from the occasional potty training accidents in puppies and kittens, adult cats and dogs can develop chronic bad bathroom habits due to a number of behavioral and/or medical issues.  

  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Over-excitement (dogs)
  • Submission (dogs)
  • Aversion to the litter-box (cats)
  • Change in environment
  • Health-related urinary issues
  • Territorial reasons

Until you can work with your vet or pet trainer to put a stop to pet peeing, the heath of your home and carpet is at risk. 

Pet Stain Damage

Two Dogs

Pet stains can destroy carpets and upholstery by damaging the fibers and leaving behind an alkaline salt residue when it dries. Left untreated, urine spots can continue to produce odors for years, especially in hot or humid conditions. Additionally, when pets wet the carpet, the dog and cat urine seeps into the fiber of the rug and into the padding and sub floor beneath. When they do it long enough (they go back to wet the same spot), the carpet is ruined, and the floor needs to be replaced. This is a costly and unpleasant job for homeowners.

The longer the pet stains sit, the more damage is done. It’s essential to clean the urine from your carpets immediately to avoid some potentially serious effects on your health as well. Residual pet urine not only smells bad and can affect indoor air quality, but it can also cause the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms on carpets and furniture.

Pet Stain Treatment 

Some store-bought cleaners claim to neutralize the stains and orders, but are often ineffective and can leave a sticky residue. If you have unsuccessfully tried to treat and eliminate pet stains and odors, you may consider a professional carpet cleaning company like Carpet Tech.

odor-and-stain3Carpet Tech uses a UV black light to illuminate hidden pet urine spots. New and /or highly concentrated spots will glow brightly under the light because of phosphorous salts in the urine. The black-light allows technicians to pinpoint urine contaminated areas and treat with a neutralizing odor remover only where it is needed. If the spot is small, we use a topical spray that binds to pet urine and crystallizes. Then we can use our hot water extraction cleaning method to easily remove the contaminants.

In most cases, the damage is more severe than the occasional spot and calls for a solution called Odor Stain Remover (OSR). When mixed with 200-degree water, OSR permanently removes pet urine odor contamination. OSR is a fragrance-free complete stain removal and non-allergenic formula. It works in 30 minutes using the power of oxidation to remove both pet urine odors and stains.

The technician saturates the carpet and pad with OSR, changing the chemical composition of any proteins (urine, feces, blood) it comes in contact with. After saturation, we will extract the OSR and clean your carpets to finalize the process. This is the most effective pet odor and stain removal treatment available without replacing your carpet or pad.