Five Office Areas to Clean in the New Year

By Carpet Tech January 16, 2018 Cleaning Strategies

5 Office Areas to Clean in the New Year

The holidays are a perfect time for you and your employees to reflect, reset, and recharge for the New Year. When your team returns from time off, be sure that they come back to a pace that is refreshed, too.

A clean workspace is vital to a healthy business. It promotes productivity and improves the overall happiness and moral of your workforce. A clean workplace helps to keep your team members healthy, which reduces sick days. Welcoming visitors such as customers, potential employees, and others into a clean office will leave a lasting positive impression. Not to mention, proper cleaning and care for your office space will save you money by protecting important assets, like tile flooring, carpet, and upholstery.

Here are five areas in your office that deserve a deep clean as you kick off the new year.

Tackle Clutter

Before the real deep cleaning can begin, you first have to tackle the clutter. The new year is the perfect time to discard anything in the office that you will not need in 2018.

Start by archiving old papers. Shred documents that you no longer need to hold onto, for example, outdated tax forms. For documents that you are unsure about, such as, past client contracts, digitize them. Scan all of these files and create an organized, cloud-based filing system. This will allow you to keep documents without taking up too much physical space.

For desks, take a KonMari-inspired approach. Remove everything from your desk, including the top, drawers, and other workspace storage areas. While your desk is empty, wipe everything down thoroughly. When it’s time to put things back, only bring back items that you absolutely need for work or that bring you joy. Discard the rest. When you’re putting things back on (or in) your desk, create a designated space for each item. Resolve to put each item back in it’s designated space at the end of each workday.

Pro Tip: Take a team approach to annual office clean-up. Set aside time for employees to clear out their desks, files, and more.

Common Areas

The high traffic, common areas  in your office, specifically the kitchen and restroom, require the most attention. Giving these rooms a deep clean now will help to keep germs at bay throughout the year and ultimately keep your team healthy and working.

Let’s start with the kitchen. First, empty the fridge of all leftover containers and any expired condiments that have lingered for too long. Be sure to wipe down all appliances, drawer pulls, shelving units, and dishware that is supplied. Consider all the surfaces that employees touch as they move through the kitchen. Don’t ignore the office bathroom! A deep clean here will benefit your team, too.

For your tile surfaces, including flooring, countertops, and backsplash, consider a professional cleaning from Carpet Tech. Our professional technicians use a quick and effective process to help you combat odor and germs. Let us help keep your employees safe, while extending the life of your tile and grout surfaces.

Disinfect The Gadgets

Speaking of germs, think of the millions of germs running rampant on your office gadgets! This includes computers, keyboards, mouses (mice?), printers, copy machines, fax machines, desk phones, and more. These items should be disinfected regularly, more than once a year. If you haven't thought of this before, go ahead and start today.

Pay attention to the floors

If you want the carpet in your place of business to continue to look good and outperform its expected life, then you need to take extra good care of it. For optimal results, we recommend a cleaning at least every 4-6 months from skilled Carpet Tech technicians. A professional cleaning will also freshen the air in your business by removing odors and dust mites that live in your carpet fibers.

Air Quality

When worrying about the quality of your office air, it’s important to remember your air ducts. According to research from the Harvard Business Review, breathing better air positively impacts employee productivity. Carpet Tech can help you professionally clean your office air duct system to lessen the amount of harmful germs and dust floating around.

Taking steps to improve your office environment will propel your team to a successful and productive 2018. Get a free quote from Carpet Tech today to get started!

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