Fire Safety: How to Prevent a Thanksgiving Back-”fire”

By Carpet Tech November 20, 2018 Fire Restoration

Fire Safety: How to Prevent a Thanksgiving Back-"fire"

It’s no secret that Thanksgiving is one of the most anticipated times of year for everyone. It’s the perfect time to come together with loved ones, celebrate all that we are blessed to have, and make memories over a feast of delicious food.

But did you know that Thanksgiving is also the peak time of year for home cooking fires? In fact, in 2015, U.S. firefighters responded to over 1,700 kitchen fires on Thanksgiving!

Take a look at these simple fire-prevention steps to ensure that the busiest and most exciting room in your house during the holiday season stays fun AND safe!

  1. Stay in the kitchen and keep an eye on what you’re cooking. Unattended cooking is, by far, the leading contributing factor in cooking fires and fire deaths. In the hustle and bustle of a Thanksgiving kitchen, getting distracted is very easy to do. Staying focused and alert is the first step to preventing things from getting out of hand.
  2. Keep children away from the stove. The National Fire Protection Association recommends that all children are kept at least three feet away from a hot stove in order to prevent spills, burns, and other accidents.
  3. While cooking, wear clothing with short or close-fitting sleeves. Loose clothing in the kitchen has more potential to catch fire or create a nasty mess if you’re not paying close enough attention.
  4. Turn all pot and pan handles inward toward the stove while cooking. This is a good way to prevent passersby from knocking into things and spilling scalding hot food on themselves.
  5. As you’re cooking, try as best as you can to keep the areas around you clean and tidy, including the floor. Keeping a well-organized cooking space and a floor that is free of any toys, bags, or children is a great way to avoid becoming overwhelmed and avoid any tripping or spilling accidents.
  6. Make sure your smoke alarms are in perfect working order. Testing them before you begin your cooking chores is a great way to be proactive in proper fire prevention. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry and this is an easy way to do just that!

As one of the most anticipated times of the year, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to come together with your loved ones, give thanks, and make lasting memories. By being mindful of these basic safety practices, you can ensure that the fun keeps going and that the worst is avoided.

In the unfortunate event that a mistake does occur, Carpet Tech’s full fire damage restoration services are here to help. You may not have control over when a fire occurs, but you can choose who brings your home back to life.

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