Fall Weather: Prepping Your Carpets for the Worst

By Carpet Tech November 06, 2018 Cleaning Strategies

Fall Weather: Prepping Your Carpet fro the Wost

Between the cooler weather, the warm drinks, and nights spent at football games, fall is the time of year that we’ve all been waiting for. While fall brings the weather that we love, the weather that we love brings other things that we don’t. With your busy schedule, dirty carpets are probably the last thing that you’re thinking about, but right under your feet lies more than you probably know.

This makes fall the perfect time to get your carpets professionally taken care of for a number of reasons.

Mud, Slush, and Dirt

Due to the inclement weather that tends to take place during the fall season, your carpets are at risk of being exposed to more dirt, debris, mud, and slush than in any other time of the year. As hard as you might try to keep these substances outside where they belong, it can be difficult considering the shoes, boots, and cleats that your carpet sees every day.

When tracked in, these things can create the perfect haven in which allergens, bacteria, and dust mites can live and thrive. If not treated, these have the potential to trigger serious respiratory problems such as allergies, asthma, and rhinitis.

Thankfully, deterring these problems is as easy as following a few simple cleaning routines such as regular vacuuming, using a doormat, instituting a no-shoes rule, and performing routine deep cleaning with professionals like Carpet Tech!

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Air Quality

Because of the cooler weather and lack of in-and-out traffic in a home during the fall season, your windows and doors will be closed way more often. This can lead to the air in your home becoming more concentrated than in the spring or summer, creating a haven for the dust mites and allergens that we talked about earlier.

Dirty carpet can mean dirty air and taking the time to take care of it can mean the difference in having a cleaner and healthier place to call home!

Holiday Season

Fall is here, which means the holidays are just around the corner. During the holidays, your home can see an increase in traffic unlike any other time of the year, and more of that traffic means that more of the mud, slush, and dirt that we previously discussed will find its way into your home and onto your carpets. These, however, can pale in comparison to all of the delicious food and drink that have the potential to be spilled while hosting friends and family.

Proper cleaning is an important step in preparing to host during the holidays, and no exception should be made for your carpets. During the holidays, the quality of your home affects more than just you and your immediate family, meaning that extra steps should be taken to make sure your carpet is ready to withstand all that may come at it.

Fall is a time that we’ve all been waiting for and now it’s finally here. It’s a time that can be a challenge for your carpets, but it doesn’t have to be with the professional help that Carpet Tech can provide.

Take on fall weather with confidence by visiting us online and requesting your FREE carpet cleaning estimate today!

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