CT Pool Check: Jumping Feet First into Summer

CT Pool Check: Jumping Feet First Into Summer

Do you feel that? The weather’s getting warmer and the sun is out and shining, which could only mean one thing: summer! Time flies when you’re having fun, and ready or not, it’s coming.

After spending so much time bundled up indoors, you’re probably more ready than ever to jump feet first into that pool of yours. But wait — getting that water ready is going to take a little work! With that being said, you don’t want to spend your summer days working on your pool, so it’s important to get a headstart on that prep.

Let’s dive into some ways that Carpet Tech’s Pool Check services can help make sure your pool is ready when you are.

Pool Opening

It’s time to dust those cobwebs off! Opening your pool for the summer is a task that is usually spread out across three days.

  • Day 1: Refilling, testing, and PH balance correction. During this step, we’ll also shock the water if it has that dreaded green color!
  • Day 2: Clean-up begins. On this day, we’ll scrub the walls of your pool and use a power vacuum to remove any algae or leaves that may be present. Once everything is squeaky clean, we’ll test your water’s alkalinity and correct the balance as needed. After it’s had a chance to circulate and be retested, in comes the chlorine and stabilizer.
  • Day 3: After some overnight circulation, we’ll put your pool through one more round of PH, alkalinity, and chlorine testing. Then, we’ll add CYA and algae control to your water and voila — your pool is open!

Don’t jump in quite yet, though. It’ll take a few hours for those chemicals to kick in and for your pool to become safe for swimming. Our technician will give you the go-ahead when it’s ready for you!

Pool Maintenance

As the owner of a beautiful pool, you know just how much work they truly require. Thankfully, you don’t have to take on the task alone. All summer long, you can count on Carpet Tech to deliver cleaning and maintenance services that are based on your needs, your schedule, and your budget. Weekly cleaning? Check. An acid wash? You got it. Other regular maintenance? Consider it done.

Pool Closing

More goes into this process than you may realize. When fall is here, you can count on us and our checklist to help you close up.

  • Step 1: Final cleaning
  • Step 2: Chemical check
  • Step 3: Chemical balancing
  • Step 4: Lower water levels
  • Step 5: Covering the pool
  • Step 6: Valve check

All of these steps will not only ensure that your pool is protected until it’s ready to open again, but it’ll also make it way easier to do so when the time comes!

Why Pool Check?

Save Time

There’s only so much sunshine in any given summer day! By putting your pool in our hands, you can spend that daylight tending to everything else on your plate.

Save Money

Properly maintaining, monitoring and managing your water and its chemical levels is essential to the lifespan of your pool. Pool Tech professionals are trained to understand precisely what different pools need and can catch issues before they become serious, more costly issues.


Like we said (and we’re sure you agree), no one wants to spend their summer days working on their pool. Let us handle the hard stuff so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your pool in the way that is intended! Click below to learn more about Pool Check and click here to get in touch and get started!

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