5 Pool Maintenance Tips for Summer

5 Pool Maintenance Tips for Summer

As a pool owner, you understand the joy of taking a swim on a hot day. There’s also the joy of spending time with your family as you take advantage of a pool’s many benefits.

Keeping your pool in top shape maximizes that enjoyment. With the following maintenance tips, you’ll ensure that your summer fun will last all season long.

1. Maintain the proper balance of chemicals

An important step of swimming pool maintenance is keeping a proper balance of chemicals in your pool’s water. There are a lot of reasons for this, not the least of which is maintaining proper pH levels so that the chlorine is working efficiently to kill germs and bacteria, and to prevent algae from forming.

Keeping the proper balance of chemicals is also important for keeping your pool comfortable (so it doesn’t affect the skin or eyes). Also, an imbalanced pool can corrode your equipment, including the pump, ladders,  handrails, as well as the liner.

2. Shock it

Speaking of chemicals, it’s a good idea to “shock” your pool when necessary. When you shock, you dramatically raise the levels of chlorine for a short period of time to kill bacteria. Shocking can be hard on your liner and you shouldn’t overdo it, but it’s an important bit of maintenance you should do a few times per summer.

3. Skim, scrub, and vacuum

You should make a daily habit of skimming debris off the surface of your pool’s water. Different kinds of debris, such as leaves, are harder to pick up once they sink to the bottom of the pool. Scrubbing the sides of the pool to prevent algae isn’t a daily task but is something you should do at least every other week to keep the liner fresh and clean.

Vacuuming your pool at least once a week is another great way to keep your water clean while reducing the amount of chemicals you need to add to it. If you own a manual pool vacuum, use it just as you would an indoor vacuum on your carpet while slightly overlapping with each stroke.

4. Monitor water levels

The physical water level of a pool is important and should be maintained at the proper level. Fluctuating water levels can throw off the chemical balance of your pool, for starters.

5. Schedule a yearly service appointment

It’s always helpful to call in an expert, and scheduling a visit from a pool professional at least once a year will ensure that your pool equipment is running at its optimal level. Detecting a small problem now can save you from running into bigger issues further down the road.

The professionals at our Pool Check Lubbock location offer a full range of pool maintenance and repair services. They make it easy to enjoy your pool worry-free all summer long. Call us today at 888.343.9650.

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