How To Protect Your Plumbing from Freezing Temps

By Carpet Tech January 02, 2018 Flood Restoration

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Ready or not, freezing temperatures are headed this way. A few Texans have already experienced their first snow! Winter weather and your plumbing system don’t mix. To avoid costly water leak emergencies, follow these important steps.

Shut Off Outside Water Spigots

Disconnect and store your outdoor garden hoses. Shut off water to all outdoor faucets and install insulated foam faucet covers on each one. You can purchase these covers at your local hardware store.

Set Interior Faucets to Drip

Set any faucets located on an exterior wall to a slow drip. Open both the cold and warm water valves.

Keep Cabinet Doors Open

When freezing weather hits, open all cabinet doors below faucets. This will allow your home heating system to keep the area around the pipes warm.

Leave the Heat On

If you plan to leave the house during freezing weather, set your thermostat between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. You run the risk of freezing pipes if you set the temp below 50 degrees.

Locate Your Water Shut-off

Be sure you know exactly where your water shut-off is located. Keep the area around the shut-off clear of debris and storage items. Make sure every member of your household knows where this is located and how to shut off water when necessary.

Know How to Respond

If frozen pipes hit your home, know exactly what to do. A quick response is key in any water leak emergency. Read this post for detailed instructions.

If you’re experiencing a water leak emergency, our technicians can be on-site within 30 minutes, 24/7.

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