Employee Spotlight: Jeremy Diaz

By Carpet Tech February 27, 2018 Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Jeremy Diaz

Unsung Hero. That’s what our lead Air Duct Technician was awarded at the 2017 Carpet Tech End of Year Awards. If you’ve had the pleasure of having Jeremy Diaz in your home to clean your air ducts, then you know that he is one standup guy. Our customers love to tell us about Jeremy’s upbeat and positive attitude.

Jeremy is from Slaton, Texas. He is married to Hilary and together they raise their two children, Kayson, 6 years old and their daughter Brooklyn who is 14 months. Jeremy or “Diaz”, as he is known around Carpet Tech, has worked here for ten years. He has spent the past six of those years becoming our resident expert in all things Air Ducts.

“My favorite part of the job is the opportunity I have to meet new people every day” says Diaz. “My job is something that excites me to get up for because the people and challenges I face are always different,” he adds.

Jeremy truly enjoys helping people in need. One of his favorite customers is an older couple that he visits and takes care of on a regular basis. Both with diseases, he is able to help make a difference in their quality of life by making sure he keeps the air in their home clean.

“The most important thing we strive for at Carpet Tech is having employees that exemplify top quality characteristics. We couldn’t be more proud to have Jeremy lead our Air Duct Crew. His work ethic and humility are something we can all learn from” says Stephanie Henderson, head of operations for Carpet Tech. She adds, “I am so confident when it comes to sending Jeremy out into our customers’ homes and places of business. We are proud of everything that he stands for and feel lucky to have him.”

When it’s time to improve the air quality of your home, we hope that you put your trust in Carpet Tech. Jeremy and his crew are knowledgeable, compassionate, and understand how important your health is. Give us a call today at 806-686-5085 to schedule your free onsite estimate. Jeremy and his crew look forward to meeting and serving you!

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