DIY Disasters: Top Area Rug Cleaning Mishaps

By Carpet Tech September 19, 2017 Soft Surface

DIY Disasters: Top Area Rug Cleaning Mishaps

Area rugs add style and comfort to any space in your home. They come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. If you choose to invest in an area rug for your home or office, it’s important to know that many require a delicate cleaning process that is different from professional carpet cleaning. Here are some common mistakes people make when taking a DIY approach to caring for area rugs.

Not Properly Dusting

This process is nothing like dusting the furniture in your home or business. If you flip your area rug over, it likely has a tightly woven backing that allows dirt and contaminants to stay trapped inside your rug. Before applying cleaning agents, these rugs need to be removed from inside and properly dusted, or shaken to remove every last bit of dry soil.

Because large area rugs are quite heavy, this process is not easy to do at home or by yourself.

Not Applying the Right Cleaners

Area rugs are not made with the same synthetic fibers as normal carpet, therefore harsh cleaners can cause irreparable damage. Many area rugs have rich dyes that can easily bleed or discolor if you apply standard cleaning materials to the surface. These cleaners can also leave behind residue that causes the fibers to clump and shed. Even worse, if you apply a cleaner that causes your rug dye to bleed, it can seep through the rug and damage the flooring underneath.

Not Properly Drying

Another common mishap occurs when area rugs are not properly dried after cleaning. It’s not enough to let an expensive rug air dry because the materials are so heavy that bacteria starts to breed almost immediately. This is especially true for shag-style rugs, which start to smell like a wet dog if they are not dried quickly. That smell doesn’t go away either!

Not Calling Carpet Tech

The certified rug care specialists at Carpet Tech will ensure that your rug is handled with care. We use a number of cleaning methods that are specifically designed for various types of area rugs. We have a state-of-the-art rug treatment facility right here in Lubbock, TX, and we offer free pick-up and delivery.

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