5 Professional Carpet Cleaning Myths Debunked

By Carpet Tech September 05, 2017 Soft Surface

5 Myths about professional carpet cleaning

There are plenty of myths and misconceptions around the idea of carpet cleaning. A simple Google search reveals plenty of DIY carpet cleaning “hacks” that promise to save you time and money. The truth is, carpet is an expensive investment in your home. Did you know that professional carpet cleaning can extend the life of your carpet and protect your warranty? It’s not a household chore you should put off or take lightly!

In this blog, we are diving into 5 professional carpet cleaning myths and setting the record straight.

Myth #1: I only need to clean my carpet when it looks dirty.

While your carpet may look clean to the naked eye, millions of invisible dirt particles and dust mites could be lurking in the fibers. These creatures cannot be removed with weekly vacuuming alone. And while you may not notice them at first, they live in your air and aggravate allergies. Not to mention they dull the color of your carpet and can leave a musty smell.

A Carpet Tech professional cleaning uses high temps to zap pet dander and allergens to improve your air quality and let your carpet’s true color shine.

Myth #2: I’ll save money if I clean my carpet less often.

Regular carpet cleaning seems expensive, leading many homeowners to put off professional cleaning. The truth is, it is no comparison to the amount of money you will spend replacing damaged or neglected carpeting. Maintaining your carpet today will pay off when it outperforms its expected life down the road.

Carpet Tech offers affordable and competitive rates on our professional cleaning services so that you can easily maintain your flooring. Request your free carpet cleaning estimate today & see for yourself.

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Myth #3: I can do a better job with my own cleaning machine.

You'll find countless DIY carpet cleaning machines on the market for rent or purchase. There is one thing these machines excel at and that is dousing your carpets with water and chemicals. However, they do not effectively dry the surface. Using your own machine leaves your flooring open to mildew smells and molding, which is potentially very harmful.

Carpet Tech’s service team is skilled in applying water and chemicals to your carpet and ensuring the job is completed with effective drying techniques.

Myth #4: Once I clean the carpet, it will get dirtier faster.

This common misconception was partially true at one time. Years ago, professional cleaning products left behind residues that clung to dirt. This is not the case today.

We use de-ionized water that is cleaner than the tap & leaves behind no dirt-attracting residues.

Myth #5: Household cleaners work just as well as professional products.

Our final and most common myth about professional carpet cleaning is that household cleaners and DIY hacks work just as well. Here are a few under-the-counter items that should not replace professional products:

  • Bleach: You’re more likely to damage carpeting with bleach than you are to effectively remove a stain. Plus, it can be extremely harmful to pets and people who come in contact with this chemical on your floors.
  • Vinegar: It’s no secret that vinegar can work wonders on many surfaces in your home. But, it’s not the best option for your carpet. Many people use vinegar to remove stains from pet accidents. While it may remove the visual stain, it will not remove the smell and may actually cause your furry friend to have repeat accidents.
  • Paint Thinner: Drip some paint on your carpets? You may be tempted to blot some paint remover on the spill to clean it up. However, much like bleach, this product is more likely to damage your carpet than fix the spill.
  • Club Soda: This household item is better left to cocktail mixing and settling an upset stomach. It may help you reduce a visible stain, but it will not totally remove or disinfect the soiled spot.

While it may seem easier and cheaper to put off a professional carpet cleaning today, it can actually cause you bigger headaches tomorrow. Take the hassle out of maintaining your flooring and set up a regular cleaning schedule with the Carpet Tech team. Your future self will thank you!

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