4 Reasons to Schedule Carpet Cleaning Before the Holidays

By Carpet Tech December 05, 2017 Soft Surface

4 Reasons to Schedule Carpet Cleaning Before the Holidays

The holidays are a great time to show off your home! It’s also your busiest time of year. Why not make sure your home is holiday guest ready with a professional carpet cleaning? Here are four reasons to schedule a cleaning before the holidays kick into high gear.

Busy Is an Understatement

Ah, the holidays, more like holi-daze. Between holiday shopping, office parties, kids’ parties, and sending out the annual family Christmas card, you are slammed. Your family’s calendar is filled to the brim. Keeping up with all the social functions can make it, well, hard to function. Scheduling a carpet cleaning before the holidays allows you to skip the chores, not the fun.

Your Home Probably Smells

We hate to say it, but it’s true. You can’t light enough candles or simmer enough spices to hide all the hidden odors in your home, especially if you have a pet. And the worst part? You’re used to it. Having your carpets cleaned by experts with professional equipment will invite your guests to focus on holiday scents wafting through the house, not the smells hidden in your carpet, or upholstery, fibers.

Your House is Full of Things

Once you get to working like one of Santa’s elves, your house is going to fill up quick. From the tree to the online packages, shopping bags, gift wrap, boxes, tape, ribbon, and more, this is probably the last time you’ll have prime access to your floors for awhile. It’s better to go ahead and give your flooring a good deep clean while you still can.

‘Tis the Season to Track in Dirt

And other debris! When you carry boxes down from the attic, you’re bringing in a lot more than this year’s holiday decorations. You’re also bringing in a bunch of unwanted dust and dirt into your living areas. Visitors will bring in dirt, too. Party guests often track in dirt and mud on their shoes and don’t forget about Santa’s uncanny ability to leave soot behind after climbing down the chimney. A professional cleaning and stain treatment will make it much easier to protect your carpet all season long.

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